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MDG GLOBAL Watch Board of Advisors
Global Watch, Fall 2007

(Listed in alphabetical order based on last name)

* Dr. Abraham Joseph (India /USA), Co-Founder, Chair, MDG Global Watch Board of Advisors
* Drs. Berryl Biekman, President of the Pan African Strategy and Research (Group Panafstrag) (Europe/NL);
* Mrs.Esmeralda Brown, Chair South Caucus (Panama I USA);
* Dr. Florence Chenoweth, former Director FAO Liaison Office with the United Nations (Liberia);
* Drs. M. Habib Chirzin, Director of Forum on Peace, Human Rights and Development Studies in Jakarta and SEARICE in Manila – Indonesia;
* Prof. Dr. Erica Daes, Founding Chairperson and special rapporteur UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations/ Member UN Sub Commission on the promotion and protection of Human Rights (recipient of the UN Human Rights Award), Greece;
* Dr.Larry Gell, Director International Agency for Economic Development, IAED (USA);
* Mr. Joyce van Genderen-Naar, Lawyer, specialist EU ACP in Brussels;
* Ambassador Crispin Gregoire (Dominica), Permanent Representative (PR) to the UN, Dominica
* H.E. José Luís Guterres, former Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
* Mrs. Ann Harris (Netherlands), Artist (Musician, writer)
* Ms. Muriel Held, biologist, environmental specialist, dep. coordinator MDG Global Watch Focal point Suriname;
* Mr. Ray Jong A Lock, Member JCI Suriname / Vice President JC International, Suriname

* Mrs. Barbara Knaub, retired CEO wholesale Bakery, Vice President Voices of African Women (VAM), USA;
* Mrs Shoelamith Koenig, UN Human Rights Award Winner (2003); Founder /Director of People’s Movement Human Rights Learning (PDHRE), New York, USA;
* Mr. Ronny Lemmers (Netherlands), Official Ministry / managing partner Benefaction Consultancy
* Ambassador Francis Lorenzo (Dominican Republic), deputy PR to the UN
* Mr. Gert van Maanen (Netherlands), Consultant Development Cooperation;
* Mr. Albert Mahangi (Netherlands) Advisor to the municipality the Hague / managing consultancy partner;
* Dr.Ra’ana Mahmood, President Geriatrics care foundation of Pakistan;
* Ambassador TOMMO Monthe (Cameroon): member UN ACABQ
* Ms Philo Morris, Medical Mission Sisters, expert issues Financing for Development NGO Committee FfD (India I USA);
* Amb. Missouri Sherman Peters (Bahamas), former Chef de Cabinet of the President of the 58th Session of the General Assembly, Bahamas
* Dr. Cor Pigot, Former Minister / UNESCO Executive Board / Consultant (Suriname);
* Mrs Nana Fosu Randal, chairperson Voices of African Women (VAM), / former chief financial officer UN Peacekeeping, Ghana I USA);
* Mrs. Angela Reingoud, Entrepreneur, vice president of the Class Act Productions (USA)
* Prof. Louk de la Rive Box (Netherlands), Rector Institute of Social Studies, The Hague;
* Drs. Iris Sandel, co-chair Organizing Committee first Civil Society Forum Suriname, May 2007 / member UNA Suriname (Focal point MDG Global Watch), Suriname;
* Prof. Dr.K. Arjun Sengupta, Independent Expert on Human Rights, Extreme Poverty and the Right to Development / Professor Harvard University (India /USA)
* Ambassador Lamuel Stanislaus (Grenada), former PR to the UN
* Mr. Matthias K. Tajon, Counselor to Foundation S.E.R (Subjective Experience and Research), Germany;
* Mrs. Grace Talma, Consultant // President United Nations of Trinidad and Tobago;
* Dr. Donald Trottman (Guyana), Lawyer, President UNA of Guyana;
* Mr. John Waalring, Staff member / adviser on Cultural Issues (the Netherlands);
* Ms. Denice Zeefuik (Denice Jannah), international vocalist actress, educator, theatre vocal coach, composer and lyricist / Edison Jazz Public Award winner (2000), during her 7th appearance at the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague, Holland (Suriname I Netherlands)
Copyright Millennium Development Goal Global Watch Fall 2007
Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved


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November 24, 2008 at 10:04 am

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